2016 Dutraive Fleurie Clos de la Grand Cour

For me, this is easily one of my top 5 Beaujolais year in and year out. To say it's amazing and delicious wouldn't do it justice. So let's think about Beaujolais in 3 different categories:
Category 1: Light, refreshing, tasty. Great Pinot alternative for under $20.
Category 2: Distinctive, scrumptious, unique. Beaujolais that can start to show it's own in a lineup of fine wines. Beaujolais that has a purpose.
Category 3: Beaujolais that transcends. Beaujolais that has muscle, nerve, energy, vivaciousness. Beaujolais that would never be looked at as an alternative to any wine, but can stand alone on a mountain side and wave a flag and sword in the air. 

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